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Upgrading from v1 ‚Äč

Are you using Docker?

If you're using Docker just hook to the new image version of mailcarrier:2 and you're ready to go. No further action is required.

With the upgrade to Filament 3.x and several enhancements to MailCarrier, a few things must be done to upgrade correctly.

  1. Remove filament/filament direct dependency on your project, since it's already a direct dependency from MailCarrier.
composer remove filament/filament

Ignore the error at the end saying Removal failed, filament/filament is still present, it may be required by another package.

  1. Cleanup old files With MailCarrier v2 public assets are stored inside a dedicated folder, therefore a bit of cleanup can be done.
rm -rf public/js public/css public/fonts public/images
rm config/filament.php
rm resources/views/errors/401.blade.php
rm resources/views/vendor/filament/login.blade.php
rm resources/views/vendor/filament/components/brand.blade.php
  1. Upgrade to MailCarrier 2.x.
composer require mailcarrier/mailcarrier:^2.0 -W
  1. Install new components.
php artisan filament:install