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Design emails once, send them everywhere

🦄 Open Source

Open and free at 100%, powered by the community.

🎨 Beautiful syntax

Explore a beautiful, robust and expressive template syntax thanks to Twig by Symfony.

🧭 Provider aware

Bring your favorite provider to send emails, such as Amazon SES, MailGun, SendGrid etc.

✨ Friendly APIs

Use a friendly and well documented API endpoint to send your emails.

🔐 Secure by default

Both authentication and API endpoint are always secure: use one of the pre-built auth system or bring your own.

📎 Attachments

Upload files or fetch them from a remote source such S3, Spaces etc.

👩‍💻 Hackable

MailCarrier relies on Laravel and Filament, that means that over 30K packages are available to customise your MailCarrier instance.

⏳ Background jobs

You can choose whether or not to send emails in a enqueued, background jobs, to not block the user experience.

🧩 MJML integration (coming soon)

Design responsive emails quickly thanks to MJML framework.